Standard Deck Pricing Page

4 Quarters Design & Build publishes its standard deck pricing for a few reasons. First, we want our prospective clients to know what we charge so that they can budget for their deck project prior to initial phone conversations and meetings. Second, cost is often an important factor in determining product and material selection for your deck project. Finally, we believe publishing our deck pricing helps us legitimize promotional offerings we occasionally deliver in our marketing efforts.

In an often unscrupulous industry, 4 Quarters Design & Build prides itself on integrity and honesty; when we offer promotional discounts, we want them to be meaningful. 4 Quarters Design & Build does not engage in fraudulent marketing practices such as inflating prices and then mailing out discount coupons simply to make you feel as though you are getting a good deal. Fair, simple, and no guesswork. That is the 4 Quarters way.

Decks Price
All prices listed are per square foot.
$40+/sq ft
TimberTech Capped Composite
$55+/sq ft
Azek PVC
$60+/sq ft
Zuri Premium PVC
$65+/sq ft
Exotic Hardwoods
$70+/sq ft
Railing Price
All prices are per lineal foot and for standard configurations.
Cedar with Aluminum Baluster
Standard Aluminum
Custom Aluminum
Custom Aluminum w/Cable
Topless Glass Panel
Railing Newel Posts Price
All prices are per post.
PVC Newel Post 3-5/8"
$225 ea.
PVC Newel Post 4-1/2"
$250 ea.
PVC Newel Post 5-1/8"
$275 ea.
Custom PVC Newel Posts
Custom options and configurations that remain faithful to particular architectural styles.
$350+ ea.
Column Wraps Price
All prices are per column wrap.
PVC Column Wrap 7-1/2" Square
$450 ea.
PVC Column Wrap 11-1/2" Square
$550 ea.
Custom PVC Column Wraps
$650+ ea.
Stone Column Bases 18"x18" - 36" Tall
$950+ ea.
Radius Components Price
All components are custom fabricated on a per-project basis.
Heat-Bending Jigs
Heat-bent PVC deck planks
$300 ea.
Routing Templates
Cold-rolled aluminum rail
Lighting Price
Prices listed are for a range of standard fixtures.
Post Lights
$150 ea.
Riser Lights
$100 ea.
Column Lights
$200 ea.
Deck Replank Price
All prices are per square foot, including all materials and labor.
TimberTech Capped Composite
Azek PVC
Zuri Premium PVC
Exotic Hardwoods
A La Carte Items Price
Prices may vary depending upon project conditions.
Water Diversion Systems
$15+/sq ft
Gutters and Downspouts
Tongue & Groove Porch Ceilings
$15+/sq ft
$500 + $2/sq ft
4 Quarters Reserves the Right to Change Prices Without Notice