Zuri PVC Decking

Billed by its manufacturer, Royal Building Products, as “Premium”, Zuri is just that.  Premium.  What consumers will notice first is Zuri’s premium appearance.  To date, there is simply no other manufactured, low-maintenance deck plank that even comes close to Zuri in terms of aesthetic appeal.  When placed alongside any other PVC or capped composite deck plank, Zuri has never come in second place, at least, not to the 4 Quarters Design & Build client.

As Zuri is new to the market, we don’t have historical data relating to its performance in the real world, let alone the excruciatingly tough Minnesota climate, but all evidence suggests that Zuri will perform in a premium fashion.  What we have is a new PVC deck plank from a company that has plenty of experience in PVC building products.  And it’s their experience that afforded them the ability to blend technologies and deliver Zuri to the market.

The Zuri deck plank is manufactured, essentially, with three distinct parts.  The first is a cellular PVC core, the second is a photo-foil wrap that offers the unparalleled real-wood appearance, and the final element is a clear acrylic top cap.  Layer the three together in the proper order and what you have is a very attractive deck plank.  I’m sure there’s a bit more to the whole process, but we need not get into it here.

4 Quarters Design & Build recently completed an outdoor living environment in which we used Zuri Weathered Gray for the deck surface.  We also have projects underway in which we are using Zuri Pecan, Zuri Chestnut, and Zuri Walnut.  These are all beautiful colors, and will enhance the projects for which they have been chosen.

4 Quarters Design & Build is the Twin Cities Premier Outdoor Living Designer and Builder; it’s only natural that we would use Zuri Premium Decking.  We design and build the finest decks and outdoor living environments in the Twin Cities, and Zuri fits perfectly into our brand.  Check out the 4 Quarters Design & Build photo gallery in the near future for project photos featuring Zuri Premium Decking.