When is the Best Time to Build a Deck?

When is the Best Time to Build a Deck?

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In Minnesota, summer is the season for deck building. Sunny days and warm weather are perfect for living and working outside, but there is much more to consider when planning a deck project than the temperature. They say timing is everything. And in every case, knowing when to build a deck will save you time, energy, and heartache. While spring and summer are the most popular seasons for deck construction, the best time to build a deck is when your anticipation is at a minimum.

Know the Market: Understanding Supply and Demand

Supply and demand is constant; it drives everything in every marketplace. Whether it’s deck construction or dairy cows, supply and demand is the one factor that will determine how much it costs and how long it will take to get. Remember, timing is everything. The best time to build a deck is when few others are thinking about it. Let the spring and summer deck building rush pass by. Be the gazelle that crosses the river only after the Crocodiles are fat, happy, and nearing slumber.

Deck Season is NOT the Best Time to Build a Deck

Do you know any foodies in the Twin Cities who have an affinity for great pasta? Ask them what it’s like to walk into Broder’s at 6 on a Friday evening. That’s what it’s like to call a deck builder in the spring or summer. You’re going to be hungry. For a long time. This hunger will lead to frustration, and ultimately, disappointment. Lucky for you, deck construction is not as timely as sustenance. You can live without a deck; more importantly, you don’t need three a day, every day. Again, the best time to build a deck is the “off-season.” At 4 Quarters Design & Build, I love talking with the folks who call me in September or October to plan their off-peak build. Ultimately, they get the first deck of the new season, and enjoy it the moment Mother Nature allows. They’re never frustrated and they receive superior service. Depending from which direction you look at it, they understand patience is a virtue, or the early bird gets the worm.

Plan Ahead: Build Off-Season; Enjoy On-Season

As a general rule, it is best to have your project take place in the heart of the off-season, long before or after everyone else is calling for the same project. A successful deck project, for both owner and contractor, is more about planning and less about perception. Don’t hop on the bandwagon; plan ahead and hold the reigns. And if you must build in peak season, pay your deposit and get in line many months ahead of time. Remember, the best projects are planned and scheduled long before the actual work begins. And remember the seven “P”s: Proper planning and preparation prevents piss-poor performance. Finally, understand that a deck is not a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread; you didn’t get one last week and you’re not getting another next week; now is the time to spend the time and get it right. It’s not a perishable item, either. Don’t hyper-focus on your preconceived notion of the perfect timeline. If you’ve got the right deck builder, your deck project isn’t about this summer, it’s about the next twenty summers, and beyond.