Happy Deck Building Season, Minnesota!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Today is a birthday of sorts, at least, it is for deck builders here in Minnesota.  Today marks the unofficial start to the 2015 deck building season and the primary festivities are being held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  Over the next five days, the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show will host tens of thousands of consumers as they navigate the exhibit hall in search of home improvement resources.

This year’s Home and Garden Show is again a very quick follow-up to the St. Paul Home and Patio show, which, by many accounts, was very busy and hosted traffic levels not seen in many years.  This bodes well for the Home and Garden Show exhibitors, and the industry in general.  For the consumer, however, there might be a different message.  For more information, visit the Home and Garden Show website.

The construction industry, as a whole, continues to experience a labor shortage in Minnesota.  If traffic levels are high, and there is proportional demand (as opposed to a lot of “just shopping”), the bad news for the consumer is that it will be a sellers market.  A word to the wise:  shop early and commit early; contractors’ schedules are going to be full, and in the very near future.  You don’t want to be the home owner whose project is being built by a contractor farming out to a craigslist subcontractor, which is commonplace in the Minneapolis market.

And so here we are at the cusp of another wave of consumer traffic wanting their deck built this spring.  For us, it’s not the start of deck building season, because for us, there is no season.  We’re always on; deck building is ongoing.  Today, 4 Quarters Design & Build will celebrate the consumers who are getting into the game, because we’re prepared for them.  Happy Deck Building Season, Minnesota!


In my last post, Building a Better Custom Deck (Building Company), I hinted at some of the things we’re doing to create a better client experience.  Increasing capacity and decreasing lead- and turn-times are two parts in that equation.  I’ll elaborate more in the near future, but the short story is that we’re building custom decks more precisely and more quickly with far less time at the clients home.  That means less intrusion on the clients’ lives, and more summer-long enjoyment on their new deck.  And it’s all being completed in-house; we do NOT farm out to non-experts looking for a quick payday.