Building A Better Custom Deck (Building Company)

When I started 4 Quarters Design & Build back in 2003 I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  At least, that’s my version of it in hindsight.  I’m sure I had it all figured out back then.  One thing I certainly paid no attention to is the concept of constant change.  It is a requirement of business in this world.  Without continual change, adaptation, evolution, and growth, you die.  Sometimes slowly; sometimes quickly.  I’ve witnessed the coming and going of many deck builders, which exemplifies the concept of constant change.

As a niche deck builder, we’ve spent the past decade doing things that are uncommon to most.  Not exclusively; we do, after all, build some decks that most would describe as “normal”.  But our wheelhouse is doing things that most others can’t do effectively.  Long ago, I designed my company this way to keep me interested in the projects.  I can’t stand being bored.  And most often, normal is boring.  Deck building is no exception to this rule.  And labeling yourself a custom deck builder doesn’t immune oneself from reality.  You can call it whatever you like, but it is what it is.

4 Quarters Design & Build has thrived by redefining normal.  Normal to us is custom to most.  But even this can get dull, over the course of many years.  Realizing this has taught me one very important lesson.  It isn’t normal that’s boring, because normal is relative.  What’s boring is complacency.  What’s boring is not pushing yourself to your limits, and beyond.

As the owner of 4 Quarters, I chart our course.  And our course, in the world of deck building, has always been to do things differently, and do things better, than everyone else.  At least, that’s the goal.  Whether I’ve succeeded or failed at this objective is not for me to judge.  But it is my objective to work towards and achieve.  Currently, we’re in the middle of an evolution that began a little less than a year ago.  And again, I find myself not exactly sure what I’ve gotten myself into.  And almost a year ago, I had no idea that I was actually commencing another evolution.

So here I am, in relatively the same place I was back in 2003.  And this place is called change.  It’s exactly where I want (and need) to be.  I came here to build (maybe remodel is more accurate) a better deck building company.  I’m here to again redefine “normal”.  I want to turn deck building, custom or otherwise, on it’s ear.  In the near term I’ll be sharing some of the things that are making this happen, some big, some small, but all driven by the same single purpose:  To Enhance The Client Experience.