A Twin Cities Deck Builder in Denver

I just returned home from a business trip to Denver. Normally when I travel for work I'm attending a trade show or education series focused on deck construction and deck building materials. This trip was no different, except for one key component. While I'm typically an attendee to these shows, this week I was one of the "trade professionals." And while I was there primarily in the capacity of an educator, it's very well possible that I learned more than I taught.

The event was the Contractor Deck Expo, held at The Deck Superstore, a lumber yard in Denver focused solely on deck materials and the professional deck builder. It's an impressive lumber yard, one that any deck contractor in any city across this country would welcome in their respective market. And they know how to run a very focused trade show. By the end of the one day event, they had recorded attendance representing 261 construction companies, all of which, on some level, have an interest in the deck market.

As the owner of 4 Quarters Design & Build, I've had the opportunity to work with Zuri in the Twin Cities deck market for a few years now. My peers in Denver are just being introduced to Zuri decking. As a deck contractor, 4 Quarters Design & Build takes very seriously the materials with which it builds decks. When approached by Zuri to assist at the Contractor Deck Expo in Denver, I was happy to help; I believe in Zuri as a premium deck plank, and I believe in Royal Building Products as a manufacturer. And this is not a paid endorsement.

I was brought to Denver, and The Deck Superstore's Contractor Deck Expo in particular, to help educate deck builders in the Denver market about Zuri from a deck contractor's perspective. As I alluded to previously, the day proved to be quite an education for me as well. I spoke with one contractor after another, and was asked the same set of questions repeatedly. It proved quite telling of the issues and concerns these builders have in relation to deck products. All held in common, albeit to varying degrees, among deck builders here in the Twin Cities.

Ultimately, the response to Zuri in the Denver market looks very promising for the folks at Royal. I saw firsthand the contractor response, and was able to talk with some of the sales staff at the Deck Superstore as well. I'll be curious to follow up with the folks I met in Denver at the end of the year, to see how things turned out for them in 2016.