Grilling Season Is Here

We’re working with a client now on a whole-house remodel.  Last year, we designed and built a stunning outdoor living environment for these clients, including a water management solution, landscape, and a handful of other details.  Of course, let’s not forget to mention the PVC deck with custom aluminum railing, fire table, grill cabinets, LED lighting, etc.

At any rate, we’re now working with them again on a whole-house renovation.  It’s a design that began with the deck and transformed into a totally integrated space, one that brings the outside in and the inside out.

My clients are fabulous.  A few days ago, they grilled me some fish for lunch that I can easily say was the best fish I’ve ever had.  I’m going to get the recipe from them and share it on the blog.  It must be shared; it’s that good.  These folks are part of a gourmet cooking club; they’re foodies.  And they’re always cooking.  And they’re always feeding me.  (Honestly, It’s to the point that they are almost motivating me to blow-up the build schedule so I’m forced to hang around longer to partake in their culinary gifts.)

I can’t count the number of meals I’ve been prepared while at their home.  In the spirit of sharing, the “Grilled – Medium Rare” category of the blog will be the forum in which I offer up some ideas of what to put on the grill.  From a deck builders standpoint, while hamburgers are great; they’re like a lot of cedar decks, basic, yet functional.  They serve a purpose.  As I’ve spent many years designing and building decks and outdoor living environments, I’ve come to learn that, while I like a good burger, I love something that is a little more custom.

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